Our Delicious Life

Don’t let it’s stripmall-ish exterior fool you, this place is gorgeous on the inside. So gorgeous that I had to look at a menu to make sure it wasn’t way more than we wanted to spend on dinner on a Thursday night. Much to my delight, it was right on par with all of our regular sushi joints, so we asked to be seated at the sushi bar.

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Eat With Flower Power:

Asian Paradise is almost paradise. If you’re in the Loveland region its pretty good. We went because of a groupon I bought. The decor was really beautiful. There is a giant tree in the middle of the dining room.

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One Clean Plate

We had driven by the new Asian Paradise a few times before they were open, and had been wondering for some time when they would finally be ready for business. The prospect of another restaurant serving traditional Asian cuisine was tantalizing, so as soon as we saw the advertisement in the mail announcing their opening week, we made a point of stopping in for dinner.

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